1. One sign clearly stating the "MINIMUM HEIGHT of 54 INCHES" at the ticket window and a measurement post or such device at the track entrance to the pit.

2. Signs with "Arrows" showing direction of travel, located at various locations around the track perimeter.

3. Additional "NO BUMPING" signs erected around track.

4. "ENTRANCE" and "EXIT" signs.

5. Sign indicating location of "FIRE EXTINGUISHER" in pit area.

6. At least two large "TRACK REGULATIONS" signs with the following rules posted at the ticket window and in the pit area.


1. Ride at your own risk; we reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone.

2. You must be 54 inches tall to drive these karts.

3. Keep both hands on the wheel at all times.

4. Keep both feet in kart at all times.

5. Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up with clips or rubber bands.

6. All loose clothing must be secured.

7. No smoking in karts.

8. While on track - Stay in kart at all times.

9. No bumping, weaving, cutting off or horse play allowed.

10. Persons under the influence of intoxicants will not be allowed to operate karts.

11. Avoid any stalled karts on track.

12. Do not exit from karts in pit area until instructed.


1. No rider less than 54 inches tall may operate a go kart.

2. No one who shows any sign of drinking alcoholic beverages may be allowed to operate a go-kart.

3. All wheels on the kart must be protected by an approved method to keep from interlocking or riding over one another.

4. Anyone with hair longer than shoulder length must have it tied up with a clip or rubber band.

5. No loose clothing that flares out may by worn.

6. All edges of the track must not be below the level of the track surface.

7. Absolutely no hay bales will be used for barriers.

8. When tires are used for protective barriers they shall not be larger than automobile size and should be stacked two (2) high by banding together.

9. Any pole or post or solid obstruction that may be accidentally struck must be protected by a shock absorbing barrier.

10. The pit area must be separated from the track by a barrier such as in items 10 and 11.

11. At any time there are more than two karts on the track an attendant must be posted in the far infield area to assist stalled karts and to control the flow of traffic.

12. Absolutely no bumping together of karts can be allowed and riders are to be advised of this.

13. Inspections on the karts must be performed each day by a competent person to make sure the frames are not broken, belt guards are in place, spindles are not worn, tires are inflated properly, steering wheels are not broken and are secure and that the governors are set properly and that the brakes are working properly.

14. Brake and throttle pedals must be marked and identified.

15. Speed of the karts must be set at a limit of not more than 18-21 M.P.H.

16. Fence and gate must be in place to separate spectators from the participants so that none can be run over.

17. There must be an approved fire extinguisher in the pit area and one located out on the track.

18. Riders must be warned not to get out of karts before the pit man tells them to.

19. A sign should be posted that any injury must be reported before leaving area.

20. Track must be fully enclosed by fencing.

21. Steering wheels must be padded.

22. Karts must be equipped with roll bars and head pads.

23. All cars must be equipped with belt guards and mufflers must be guarded for possible burn hazards.

24. Rubber bumpers must be installed on the front of all karts.

25. Only one passenger per kart is allowed unless kart is designed as a two-seater.

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