September 1, 1996


These figures are based on an average size track of 800 feet long and 22 feet wide.

220 yds. concrete (at $3.25 sq. ft., formed & finished) $57,000.00
1,800 lineal feet of steel rail $12,600.00
Storage shed for karts $8,500.00
Fence around track $4,200.00
Labor $5,400.00
Grade work $4,800.00
Lights (4 poles) $5,600.00
Electrical $2,300.00
Plumbing $1,200.00
Miscellaneous expenses (taxes, licensing, etc.) $4,500.00

* Note: If an asphalt track is used in place of concrete, a cost saving can be achieved on initial start-up only.

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