March 26, 1995


1. Track surface - smooth, durable, non-skid material (asphalt or concrete recommended).

2. Straightaway length - 150 feet is the maximum recommended (tracks with longer straightaways must be submitted for special consideration).

3. Track width - 20 feet recommended (24 feet maximum recommended) On oval tracks, it is recommended that track be five (5) feet wider on turns than on straightaways. Road courses should be the same width for their entire length.

4. Track bank may be banked on turns only - maximum bank is two inches per foot of track width. Straightaways must be flat, except two (2) degrees allowed for drainage.

5. Track grade-engineers recommended five percent maximum (track with steeper grades must be submitted for special consideration).

6. Safety Apron: Must exist at both edges of track.

7. Track Surface

A. Must be smooth, level (or not exceeding track pitch), free from obstructions, holes, etc.

B. Must join with track edge smoothly, so as to avoid a "curb" or "drop-off" hazard.

8. Fencing

A. Height - four (4) feet minimum recommended.

B. Post - ten (10) feet on center maximum. Advise if fence is inside or outside of posts. We generally recommend that fence be on inside of posts.

C. Material - chain link or one-inch solid board fence recommended. However, other type of fence material, including farm fence (2 x 2-5/8 maximum opening) acceptable. If fence is different from our recommendations, give particulars.

D. Gates - should be supervised by an attendant when track is open and locked when track is closed to operation.

9. Pits

A. Must be fenced.

B. Pit steward, or other supervisory official required.

C. Separate entrance and exit lanes required.

D. Surface - same as track.

10. Spectator Area

A. Must be separated from track and pits by fence.

B. Bleachers or grandstands must be substantially constructed and with back and side rails.

C. Spectators and parking should be supervised and carefully controlled.

D. Parking areas must be level, well-graded and free from obstructions or obstacles.

11. General Operation and Maintenace

A. Premises, including buildings, must be properly maintained and operated, clean and protected from unusual hazards.

B. Wiring - all electrical wiring on the premises must be installed in compliance with the requirements of the National Electrical Code.

C. Fire extinguishers should be installed in sufficient quantity to provide adequate protection (required).

12. Maximum Speed (Rental or Concession Tracks ONLY)

A. Class 2 - maximum speed; 21 MPH, minimum age; 11 yr.

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