Z98 Road Warrior
Rugged, Durable... Awesome!

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Whether it's the dunes, the dirt, the beach, the Baja or a road course, you won't be left in the dust with this kart by Johnson Kart, Inc. This kart has the power, the handling, the technology of a race car built into it to assure that your customers will be enjoying the most challenging ride available in the concession market.

The Z98 ROAD WARRIOR has four-wheel independent suspension for superior handling over rough terrain, giving the driver better control of the kart.

The suspension on the Z98 ROAD WARRIOR is computer-designed using the latest in suspension software, the same as used in the racing industry. The geometry is designed so the font and rear roll centers are properly located to provide safe and predictable handling while cornering and driving over rough terrain. In addition, the roll center movements follow each other under all driving conditions to provide safe and predictable handling.

Unsprung weight is reduced by using aluminum wheels. Outboard hubs are lightweight, yet strong. Less weight improves handling, giving you an Awesome handling kart.

Standard Features:

· Hayes disc brakes.

· Ackerman steering geometry.

· Proper caster for easy steering as well as stability under speedy conditions.

· Rack and pinion steering for quick and precise steering.

· Steering box and tie rods are located to minimize bump steer under all driving conditions.

· Shock mounting locations are computer-designed to provide the proper wheel rates under all driving conditions.

· Shock mounting points on the frame are designed to spread the load out over several frame members instead of just one member.

· Automotive-type ball joints are used in the front A-arms for durability.

· Bronze bushings and rubber washers are used in the suspension pivots.

The frame is lightweight, yet designed to provide superior strength.
All of the components are constructed in jigs to improve part consistency.
A comet torque sensing clutch is used to provide variable ratios to maximize use of the engine's power.
The brake requirements were mathematically calculated to provide a system with substantial braking power.
Splined axles are used in the final drive. Splined axles are superior to keyed axles, as the loads are spread over the entire shaft instead of just a small area.
A cog belt final drive is used. Cog drives are more efficient in transmitting power than V-belts and chain.
The drive system is designed so this belt is easily replaceable. The engine used on this kart is a Robin 8.5 hp Industrial Engine. Robin engines are manufactured by Subaru.

Advantages include:

·New QuickStart System - Fast, Sure, Easy Starting.

· 45% less pulling force than competitors.

· Exclusive Auto Throttle System automatically adjusts timing and ignition capacity for improved starting ease.

· Piston design lowers vibration and improves durability.

· New stronger crankcase, double layer rocker cover, and improved camshaft profile combine to dramatically reduce.

· 60% less oil consumption than the leading brand - higher cooling capacity and improved cylinder strength.

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